Vivao is an organic food company that was looking for a new brand that represented a healthy and happy image. They offer items such as fruits, vegetables, smoothies wheat products and healthy gliten free options.

Sebastiano Ferrari

Sebastiano Ferrari is a violin maker in Italy. He required a brand that showcases his talents in a modern fresh way. The logo represets his services accented by appropriate colors and a nice monogram created with the letters S and F.

Hockey Hut

Hockey Hut is a hockey retail store in Australia that was looking for a brand that stayed true to Australia but represented hockey at the sport of hockey at same time.


Chloe is a hair solon company that needed a fresh new look. Their business was catered for women and they needed a brand that reflected that while showcasing their services.


"Developfy is a startup company looking to "Build a bridge between big-data and social causes". "

My Frames

My frames is a glasses comapny selling frames, prescription glasses, presecription sun glasses and normal sunglasses.