Glitchsoft was a mobile gaming company that had a website to showcase their games, their team and their company as a whole. They required many upgrades including, a new team page, home page and a descriptive media page.

McCrady Creative

McCrady Creative is my personal brand I created during my venture as an entrepreneur when I created my summer company through Invest Ottawa. My website simply showcased the services i offered and examples of my work.


Bumpn is a social media app created here in Ottawa. Before launch they needed a website to showcase what their app was all about and get people to subscribe to their email list to be notified when they launch.

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale Media has an app in the works called Femmepire. They needed a website to notify their clients and allow them to input their email to be notified on the progress.

Bumpn 2.0

Once the app was lauched bumpn wanted to upgrade their website to attract people to the app. This update exaplins what the app offers and provides links to download the app.